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#1 - 2019/11/10 12:50:18 PM

I see no reasons why rogues or monk can’t use Warglaives.

Or Death Knights or Warrior wouldn’t be able to T-mog them.

Demon Hunters have already an option to T-mog one-handers to warglaives and other way around, why other classes cannot?

There are other classes that were wearing warglavies in the lore also, such as
Shadow Hunters
( http s://gamepedia.cursecdn. com/wowpedia/thumb/b/bc/Vol%27jin_Escalation.jpg/260px-Vol%27jin_Escalation.jpg?version=0c81f367e663e8231f6de88793bee582 )
Night Elf Sentinels/Huntress
( http s://cdnb.artstation. com/p/assets/images/images/000/302/865/large/OpheliaHunt_render_FIX.jpg?1416074419 ), Demon Hunters aren’t unique in that.

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#7 - 2019/11/14 09:07:10 PM

I’m so excited to make use of my Thori’dal again… It has been too long <3