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#1 - 2019/11/07 11:38:27 PM

Until you tried them?

For me it is rogue.

Never felt liked the fantasy of being backstabbing, thieving and sly son of a gun.

Played this game since tbc and never played one then all of a sudden I play one and I have never enjoyed a class so much.

My idea of their fantasy has changed as well.
I see them as agile warriors, special tacticians, lone wolves.

Any one every been quite pleasently surprised by a class they always put off playing?

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#59 - 2019/11/08 04:26:51 PM

I am generally terrible at melee DPS classes (Unholy/Frost Death Knights, Feral Druids, Fury Warriors, Rogues of any spec etc).

On the other hand I love tanking, but I avoid melee DPS specs, because I cannot play them properly.