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#1 - 2019/10/23 08:59:56 PM


we zoned in tonight in our Molten Core Run with the same raid Leader and the system generated 5 different Raid IDs for people, making us impossible to raid today, without nobody killing any boss nor trash.

Does anybody had the same experience?

Opened a ticket but hopes are at the bottom of the ocean.

Any GM could clarify this?

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#34 - 2019/10/25 09:34:39 PM

This week, we discovered a bug that came along with our holiday. The bug caused this misbehavior where players got locked to raid instances on entry.

We fixed the bug yesterday afternoon, and a few minutes ago, we reset raid locks for affected players.

Anyone who enters a raid instance should now experience the expected behavior with their Raid ID.

Thank you for your patience on this!