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#1 - 2019/10/15 09:20:14 PM

DMT buffs literally stack.

As in, you run a tribute run. You collect your buffs. You reset and repeat. Now you have 2x buffs. Technically you could have others clear it for you and summon you around, enabling you to get up to 32 DMT buffs (assuming you have no enchants, as these STILL count toward your buffcap). Effectively, this would be 115%*32 more health or 200 * 32 more melee attackpower. Or 3% * 32 more spellcrit chance (capped at 99% though).

Please fix this yesterday.

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#11 - 2019/10/15 10:37:14 PM

This is correct. The hotfix was applied to all realms 30 minutes ago.

Thank you!