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#1 - 2019/09/26 09:25:39 PM

Why has patch 8.2.5 made Pants of the Naaru look terrible. These have been in the game for 12 years.

They used to just have a black strap around the thigh, now they have this strip down from the knee with a horrible green green texture down the bottom.

Additionally you have changed [Spiritshroud Leggings] to remove the texture they had previously so they now look like [Pants of the Naaru]

[Spiritshroud Leggings] have been in the game since Vanilla and are no longer available to get, why the sudden changes to a 15 year old item which would appear to be intentional?

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#3 - 2019/09/29 12:27:29 PM

Hey everyone!

I know a lot of players are attached to the original looks of the item. We are aware the looks of this item are now different following the latest content update and I can confirm we are looking into this! :).