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#1 - 2019/09/17 04:31:04 PM

Hey again. This is important so please read.

i bring this issue here again, because it is necessary to have such option for people like me, who cant read because of visual impairment/Eyesight disabilities.

There was text to speech feature by addon.


That addon has not worked for some time. The monitoring software can not monitor the chat channels anymore because they are encrypted now, or so i read.

This feature was extremely important for following chats. Being able to åparticipate fully in RP events and also vital for knowing the quest texts and NPC speech bubles.

The feature NEEDS TO work again.

Either they need to make changes to allow that software/addon to work again or Blizzard needs to implement their own system and add it as a core feature to games accessibility features.

Please help me keep this topic on top so there is at least some hope, that someone who can do something about it can notice it.

Issues regardin small minority like visually impaired players easily get lost in he plethora of more popular issues. Still this is extremely important to players like me and will also help people who are getting old and not being able to read small texts in game anymore.

This is not an issue needing expensive development or expensive voice acting. Making text to speech is easy and cheap these days aand should really be a default feture in games today.

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#25 - 2019/09/27 04:01:38 PM

Hey Lilian,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I believe that something like this would be a fantastic feature, if there was some sort of native support for it in-game.

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#30 - 2019/09/29 11:38:38 AM

Hey Lilian!

Thank you so much for bringing this up. We actually have a new feature available for reporting accessibility issues or concerns within our games and you can find more details on this under this link:

I don’t have much further to add that isn’t already covered there, but I hope we’ll have the ability to help you and everyone else with these or similar accessibility concerns in our games :).