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#1 - 2019/09/19 09:10:15 PM

i have been playing since 8.0 - till 8.2; i had amazing fun time; truelly had amazing experience; really loved this expansion but i can’t seem to continue; completely burned out with same reset with each patch; same daily and weekly reset. i really don’t think i can do another reset grind.

please hope they skip 8.3 and just do 9.0

let me know what you think?

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#35 - 2019/09/20 12:58:02 PM

I’m pretty sure we have a very different definition of what official means. Let’s not give Azeroth up for lost just yet.

In the coming weeks a couple of new questlines will become available with the conclusion of the War Campaign and the return of Wrathion. As for what the future holds, stay tuned for BlizzCon!