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#1 - 2019/09/07 08:48:01 PM

as far as i was concerned only people with live subscriptions could play wow classic, but as i was going through elwynn i saw someone struggling and wanted to trade them some health pots i made.

i got the error message that i could not trade with Starter Edition accounts, and it didn’t really dawn on me until i finished playing for the day that this shouldn’t have been possible. is there something i missed?

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#12 - 2019/09/10 09:12:44 AM

To clear any confusion, some Starter restrictions may remain in place for up to 24 hours after upgrading a Starter account.

This however does not apply to lapsed accounts being reactivated, but Starter accounts which just had its first ever month added.

If you need to wait 24 hours as a returning player, then you most likely added game time to a new game account, as each Blizzard account hold several.