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#1 - 2019/09/08 08:32:16 AM

So, soon we will probably see a new expansion teased and ramp up towards the end of BfA.

BfA didnt just start out as a war between the factions, but also the playerbase and I must say ; its been the most dramatic expansion (even more than WoD) when it comes to feedback.

However; we cant deny there were lots of stuff Blizzard did right; and im wondering what moments brought you to tears lr gave you a chill down your spine?

*The first time I heard the music in Boralus I cried so mutch. Both the look of the town and the music sound of the music, reminded of the town I grew up in and my grandfather.

*Zuldazar. I have never felt a more epic moment in WoW. That music combined with the golden pyramids in the green terrain was just too mutch to take in. Just wow.

*Drustvar also really did it for me. Witches, animated wood/meat-men, the eerie feeling of beeing lost and the characters made me feel like a kid again. I got completely immersed and forgot I even played WoW. I decided to turn of the map even when questing there, just to be sure I could enjoy thoose feelings to the Max.

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#32 - 2019/09/08 07:26:53 PM

I got really emotional when Jaina brought the Kul Tiran fleet home.
The Daughter of the Sea tone playing in the background made me almost cry.