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#1 - 2019/08/26 12:44:36 PM

Hello, I’ve recently unlocked my Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor and I’m struggling to find a few suitable skins for my back, weapon and helm.

You can see the current ones I’m using in my profile.
I’m currently working on getting Charbreath Firecloak from Blackrock Foundry, looks like a good close match.

I would like to find a pair of goggles as helm and a bow or gun as weapon.
Any ideas?

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#2 - 2019/08/26 05:34:35 PM

It’s not been updated for a bit but the gallery here on IcyVeins is a great help when trying to find models that might work fill out a set:

Goggles may be tricky as there aren’t that many models and colors available, still got a couple ideas for you:
Gadgetstorm Goggles
Fiery Beholder Eye
Mats for the old engineering goggles might be hard to come by, and the Beholder Eye is a rare drop so that might take a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a look at some bows and guns for you, thought this looked cool, not sure if the color is a good match though, so check it ingame before you go hunting for it:
Veranus’ Bane

Hopefully give you some ideas, but please come back with an update if you figure something else that fits :smiley: Totally won’t “borrow” it.