Regional FlagWould you kindly, Blizzard, NOT change my forum posting character?Source
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#1 - 2019/08/08 05:32:23 PM

This has been bugging annoying me every-time i log in the forums after the forums, for some reason, mysteriously logs me out* and when i log back in and i’m a different character. I don’t want to post on my mage, i don’t want to post on my Warlock, i just want Baridorielor. … And follow up question, why is he at the bottom of the list?.. Shouldn’t he be the top cause he’s my most used character for forums? Is there an option i missed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know this is a 30 second fix, but this is a thing that keeps happening to me. And no, i always open the forums in a normal window in Mozilla.

Has this ever happened to other people now that i think about it? give your answer here.

* I should specify this is an uncommon-rare occurrence to me, i figured to bring this to attention to the sheer overall amount that has happened to me.

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#27 - 2019/08/20 11:08:08 PM

:wave: Hey all, sorry to necro this topic! I just wanted to say thanks for the reports everyone, and we released an update today that we believe should fix the last of the “random character selection” issues.

We’ve also done a number of performance improvements to handle high load, and will continue monitoring and optimizing.