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#1 - 2019/08/04 09:18:51 PM

Why is it always ten thousand years with wow’s stories? Ten thousand years ago this happend ten thousand years ago that happend and its always somthing with an elaborate name or title like grand magister elisande.

Why can’t it be “Hero last Friday me and my friend Dave came out of the lions pride Inn and we were set upon by murlocs. Dave lost his keys and his misses is gonna deck him if he doesn’t find them can you help”

Or “Week before last elisande was drunk on mana and put a new shield over the city can you sober her up with some coffee and have her take it down?” instead of “ten thousand years ago elisande did this azsarah did that”.

Just a thought for future missions :blush: in 9.0

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#16 - 2019/08/05 05:31:29 PM

I’d so do this quest, on every character I own.

On topic, it’s a little bit more than 10000 years ago now :stuck_out_tongue:
It was a massive point in Azeroth’s history, as others mentioned, the War of the Ancients.
The Legions invasion of Azeroth, the Highborne and Azshara’s use of the Well of Eternity drawing Sargeras to this world. The battles against the Legion, the destruction of the Well and the Sundering, splitting the world apart, Illidans imprisonment, Elisande sealing Suramar City from the outside world, so much happened back then :smiley:

That kind of massive apocalyptic event tends to leave a mark, not just on the planet (The Maelstrom, the shape of the continents etc) but in the history of the world, it’s peoples and their stories.

There’s other big events throughout Azeroth’s history, but that one really takes the cake.