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#1 - 2019/07/17 03:53:54 PM

So after google’ing this, forum thread checking that and visiting Blizzard Support pages to double check - There still seems to be some holes that is not filled and I was hoping that someone could straighten things up for me in this thread regarding some questions I am about to ask in line with the thread’s title.

A: Currently if I Faction Change to Horde while being Exalted with all the Alliance Factions of BFA (7’th Legion, Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm’s Wake and The Waveblade Ankoan) - All of these said Factions WILL NOT BE RESET but will simply be CONVERTED OVER? So when I logg inn as a Horde, I will be exalted with the corresponding Factions? (The Honorbound, Voldunai, Zamdalari Empire, Talanji’s Expedition and The Unschackled)

B: Doing a faction change does null out your War Campaign progress: But say - If this character is the ONLY character I currently am “Up to speed” with on the War Campaign; Will I LOSE the “Benefits” I had for completing the War Campaign on the Alliance side? Say - I know that you only need to do the War Campaign up to the most recent part on ONE Character to “Unlock” Heritage eligibility account wide (Example: When up to speed with the War Campaign on this Character; A 120 Dwarf I had that was exalted with Ironforge could go and get his Heritage armor without having even done the entire War Campaign) - So if I now go Horde (AFTER completing the most recent Campaign to Rescue Baine) Will that make so that if I now hit 120 on a Gnome which is Exlated with Gnomeregan; I won’t be able to get his Heritage armor since; My only character that HAD done the Alliance War Campaign up to the most recent point went Horde? Or will the Alliance War Campaign to “that point” still be “checked” on the Alliance side so I can still hit 120 with a Gnome and get that Armor despite my only char that had rescued Baine has re-rolled Horde?

C: Regarding Heritage Armor: This is my ONLY 120 LF Draenei. If I go Horde with this one; Will I “Lose” my LF Draenei Heritage Armor as the “Only” eligible character I “had” to unlock it is now suddenly no longer eligible for that armor due to having gone Horde? - Or in a similar case; If I faction change my only 120 Dwarf that I got the Dwarven Heritage armor on; Will that cause for me to lose said Dwarven Heritage Armor as well? Or will the Heritage armor forever be saved once obtained?

That’s pretty much all I was wondering about; Thanks in advance for any and all answers.

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#7 - 2019/07/18 06:38:14 AM

Hey Erineeya,

Some links that may help you are below:

Faction Change Effects

Progress Reset After Faction Change

Regarding the question B, and if I understand your question well, the rewards that you gained from the War Campaign checkpoints are not lost. I had a similar situation recently on my own characters, where I reached the War Campaign checkpoint with Baine on my main character, and then I was able to obtain the Heritage armor on my Tauren character.

Just to clarify that does not mean that with a different Alliance character you can carry on from where you were left off. A different character has to have their own path in the War Campaign.