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#1 - 2019/07/15 03:55:39 PM

Ok, so I charmed a critter in Nazjatar and now I can’t use flight masters or fight battle pets because the game has me locked into this ‘stuck in combat’ mode even though I can mount up.

How do I get rid of this annoying critter? There’s no button for it anywhere that I can see

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#9 - 2019/07/16 12:55:07 PM

Charmed with a Prismatic Crystal?
It’s probably a while ago now since you found your first Prismatic Crystal, so you might have forgotten about or maybe you didn’t even notice that there’s a nearby Ravenous Slime, there’s a few of them around the zone, cute little things, hungry too…

The charm only lasts an hour too, so you’ll only have your critter buddy for a little while if you don’t mercilessly feed it to a slime :octopus: