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#1 - 2019/07/11 06:26:39 PM

Hello! all, I hope you guys can & help me out.
The things is im a caveman when it comes to outfits.
I try to making something good, but to be honest it looks like Kodo dung.
But i know on WoW that someone that are way more fastion that i am!
So! let’s us begin!

It is simple what im looking for… Simple in my caveman brain.

Purple and Fel color. Like the Felfume Raiment set from Hellfire Citadel
IF any of you wonder people wanna give it a try DO SO i will be happy to see what you have crated!


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#2 - 2019/07/12 06:50:18 AM

Hey Blackcare,

You are selling yourself short there, your transmog is very very good! :slight_smile:

Have a look into the sets here and also into individual equipment here.

Some sets that may be to your liking (no purple though):

Heroic 10-man tier 10
Heroic tier 14
LFR tier 15

Additionally I used WoWhead’s tool to just craft a very quick Shadowmoon set that you might like! No fel green, but check it out!