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#1 - 2019/07/07 05:23:26 AM

Seriously, this is stupid and fun-draining. Mechagon has this innate ability to screw me over via keeping me in combat permanently. I swam, SWAM, from Seaspit to the freaking Pascal bot because I was in combat. For anyone not looking at a map, that’s SouthWest coner to NorthEast corner, forced to go around the island to the south (or North along the coast then through all the bots between the coast and Bondo’s, I have freaking done BOTH) because I could not use my flight whistle, or mount up, or use the Anti-Grav pack because all three of those require you be out of combat. On the entirely opposite side of the island. After 10-15 inside Rustbolt. Working as intended, right? >.<

Now, this would be okay if it happened once in a while but this happens every day I play, sometimes upwards of 5 times per day. I literally, not figuratively…LITERALLY spend more time stuck “in combat” than I am spending on the rest of the game. This stopped being fun the 3rd time it happened…and that was on day 1 of the patch being released. Tonight, it did it to me, twice, in 15 minutes. This is getting damned ridiculous.

If I were in a no-fly zone/area? Okay. If combat dropped after some time/distance? Okay. If a mob that’s been chasing me down, underground, suddenly materialized and I left combat after he died? Ugh, but Okay. If these mechanics were not ALL ones that I had to unlock and earn, through various means? Okay…but this is none of those. These are areas where item-induced flight is possible. Mounted self-flight is possible. Mobs, typically, only chase a short way (longer for PVP enabled guards) and leave you alone after a few seconds. But, this? This is all broken and it destroys any and all immersion in the experience.

Please fix this…BFA was a boring, flaming turd until 8.2 and, to continue the turd analogy…this is constipating the flow of fun.

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#56 - 2019/07/10 03:53:20 PM

We’ve been following threads like these very closely. Please feel free to detail any new occurrences of this issue in this Bug Report thread.

Thank you!