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#1 - 2019/07/10 05:00:42 AM

Old bug returnedÖ

Was on 1/4 Mythic Dungeons for Emissary of war quest weekly.

Was doing mythic islands weekly, for some reason the Emissary of war quest vanished from my logs, went to pick it up again and canít.

This is a known bug that keeps coming backÖ

Reset has not happened as is too early so no itís not that. Itís not my addons eitherÖ

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#2 - 2019/07/10 12:53:47 PM

The week events do end before reset, you can see the start and end times on the ingame calendar.
Battle for Azeroth Dungeon event ran from 3rd July 9am Server time until 10th July 6am Server time.
Server time would be in CEST right now, that would have been about an hour before you wrote your post here this morning.

So this looks like the event ended earlier than you had expected it to, but it did end at the right time this morning and as the event was over the quest would no longer be available.