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#1 - 2019/07/03 10:02:10 PM

Here is my rundown and feedback to improve the game:

-It actually took 6 hours and 50 minutes for the purists out there.

-I took a break for some lunch and two breaks for some donuts plus some bathroom breaks. Total break time was about one hour over the course of the day. So I guess this means it took 6 hours or so of actual play time. (But one does need to eat and take breaks so I think 7 hours is fair.)


  1. It is good that you decreased various requirements on quests, as I suggested including decreasing the number of runes for the rune match game and cutting down on the numbers of elite mobs for quests and reducing to one the rare mob quest. But more nerfs are needed.

  2. It is good you marked areas for some additional quests as I suggested but again more clarity is needed.

  3. The jumping quest remains crazy hard. Please nerf this quest.

  4. In getting the five elite Naga for the quest, there was an area (something overlook) where the mobs stayed dead. This must be some kind of bug!?!

  5. The mobs follow us to far! This is a major problem. I can pull a mob for an amazing distance. And then…it just disappears (sometimes). I am often running for my life and you need to make the run distance reasonable.

  6. We Need a Rustbolt Emissary! This reputation is lagging for many players.
    edit: despite working 8 hour days on reputation, my rustbolt is 2800 honored while my unshackled is 6200 honored

  7. We demand increasing reputation for the quests. I killed Naga, collected some kind of buds and pulled seaweed. It took over an hour easy and I got 50 rep each!
    edit: It took me forever to figure out you had to pull the dratted seaweed! Please add that to the quest description!

  8. Thank you for the (stealth) nerfs on some mobs health as I suggested but more are needed. The mobs still hit to hard and die to slow.

  9. We need reputation missions added in on the mission board!!

Please continue to implement my suggestions because the fact it takes seven hours to finish the dailies is not acceptable.

Thank you for listening to me to a degree and please continue to work on these and other fixes I have suggested.

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#11 - 2019/07/03 10:31:15 PM

My Rustbolt is like 1250 ahead of Nazjatar… am I alone in this? … Or am I doing something wrong (again)? :slight_smile: