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#1 - 2019/06/27 11:00:12 PM

I’ve been so salty over stuff Blizzard has been doing that I haven’t dared even log in since 8.2 went live. Because I know my current attitude will ruin the experience.

I need hope. I need something to look forward too… hope, anticipation, something they did ‘right’ for a change in 8.2 that will help put me in a more in the right frame of mind to give it a shot.

Plenty of other threads for what’s wrong with 8.2 … please just stick to the stuff YOU think that it ‘gets right’ or is new and different and worth giving a try?

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#28 - 2019/06/28 05:40:16 PM

I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

I’ve been so pleased by the music.