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Youíve fought on the shores of Kul Tiras, explored the far corners of Zandalar, and faced the enemy at every turn. You survived the Battle of Dazaríalor, and aided Magni Bronzebeard in his critical quest to save Azeroth from her grievous wound. Soon, your journey will take you into the depths of Nazjatar and the wonders of Mechagon, where even more dangers awaitóbut you donít have to face them all from ground level. Once you complete the account-wide achievement Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part 2, youíll be able to take to the skies . . . and earn a brand-new mechanical mount in the process!

To earn your wings in Battle for Azeroth, youíll need to:

  • Reach Revered with the following factions: The Rustbolt Resistance and either the Unshackled (Horde) or Waveblade Ankoan (Alliance)
  • Earn the achievement Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part 1 (progress is account-wide)
  • Explore Nazjatar: Ashen Strand, Azshíari Terrace, Coral Forest, Deepcoil Tunnels, Dragonís Teeth Basin, The Drowned Market, Eluníalor Temple, The Empressís Approach, Gate of the Queen, The Hanging Reef, Kalímethi, Shirakess Repository, Spears of Azshara, Zanjíir Terrace, Zanjíir Wash, Zin-Azshari
  • Explore Mechagon: Rustbolt, Sparkweaver Point, Junkwatt Depot, The Heaps, Scrapbone Den, Western Spray, The Outflow, The Fleeting Forest

Completing Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part 2 will allow you to fly in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, as well as the new zones of Nazjatar and Mechagonóplus the new Wonderwing 2.0 mechanical parrot mount.

The wild blue yonder awaits!