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Every hero has their favorite mountówhether itís Baron Rivendareís steed, Kaelíthas Sunstriderís beloved pet Alíar, or the very first pony you purchased back when you earned Apprentice Riding skill. The Mount Equipment you earn, craft, and purchase in Rise of Azshara will make it so your choice of mount can be steered by your heartónot whatís most efficient.

These new Mount Equipment pieces can be applied to your mounts within the mount collection tab; they apply to most of your mounts,* and are available for anyone to use regardless of which professions they have (though note that they donít work in Battlegrounds or Arenas). Take a look at the options youíll have available!

Equipment Name:  Anglersí Water Striders

  • What it does: Allows you to walk on water while mounted. Damage will cancel the effect.
  • Where to get it: If youíve already earned the Water Strider, Nat Pagle will mail you the new Anglersí Water Striders. Theyíll bind to your Blizzard account and allow any of your mounts to make like a Shaman (or bug) and walk on water.
    If you havenít earned the Water Strider, youíll need to reach Exalted reputation with The Anglers in Mists of Pandaria to pick these up.

Equipment Name: Light-Step Hoofplates

  • What it does: Increases your mountís ground speed by 20%. Doesnít stack with other mount speed effects.
  • Where to get it: Check with your local Enchanter or visit the auction house. Enchanters with a minimum Battle for Azeroth skill level of 155 can learn to create these speed-boosting items. Gotta go fast!

Equipment Name: Saddlechute

  • What it does: These life-saving devices install an emergency parachute that will automagically deploy whenever youíre dismounted while high in the air. Equip these and avoid those really embarrassing slip and falls!
  • Where to get it: Pay a visit to your neighborhood Tailor or look in the auction house. Tailors with a  minimum Battle for Azeroth skill level of 150 can learn to create these airship captainĖapproved safety devices.

Equipment Name: Comfortable Riderís Barding

  • What it does: Never again will you have to utter the phrase ďDonít daze me, bro,Ē when you slap on this protective Mount Equipment option. It prevents you from being Dazed while mountedólike all Mount Equipment, they donít work in Battlegrounds or Arenas, as that would provide an unfair advantage.
  • Where to get it: Look for your local Leatherworker or check the auction house. Leatherworkers with a minimum Battle for Azeroth skill level of 150 can learn to stitch these together. 

Equipment Name: Inflatable Mount Shoes

  • What it does: If making friends with the Anglers isnít in the cards for you, this is one more way to help your favorite mount walk on water, though damage will cancel the effect.
  • Where to get it: Barter with your local Blacksmith or head to the auction house. Blacksmiths with a minimum Batttle for Azeroth skill level of 150 can learn to forge these items.

More than 400 mounts are currently available in World of Warcraftówith even more to comeóand we look forward to seeing which mounts you equip and bring along on your next adventure!

*Select mounts do not benefit from Mount Equipment such as the Sky Golem.