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#1 - 2019/06/25 07:38:48 PM

The Queen of Tidesí grand reemergence has arrived with the Rise of Azshara content update!

The Rise of Azshara content update is packed with new features, including the addition of Essences to the Heart of Azeroth system; two entirely new zonesóNazjatar and Mechagon; Heritage Armor for tauren and gnomes; new Benthic gear to help you face the trials ahead; a raid that takes you into the depths of Azsharaís Eternal Palace; and much more.

Heart of Azeroth

Heart of Azeroth Updates

The Heart of Azeroth will get a boost with the help of MOTHER, and players can seek out new ways to customize their powers through Essences. [LEARN MORE]

Mechagon Island

Preview: Mechagon Island Visitorís Guide

Prepare to explore the ultimate tinkerís paradise and discover the mechanical marvels of Mechagon! Then get ready to face King Mechagon in Operation Mechagon, the new Mythic-difficulty (for now) dungeon. [LEARN MORE]


Preview: Nazjatar Visitorís Guide

Delve into the depths of Nazjatar, capital city of the naga, in an all-new full zone deep beneath the sea.  [LEARN MORE]

Azshara's Eternal Palace

Azsharaís Eternal Palace Raid Preview and Schedule

Face Queen Azsharaís most devoted champions in an epic new raid. [LEARN MORE]

Benthic Gear

Navigate the Perils of Nazjatar in New Benthic Gear

Weíre introducing a new type of gear that can be collected in Nazjataróand can help you stand against the rising threat of Queen Azshara. [LEARN MORE]

Tauren and Gnome Heritage Armor

Gnome and Tauren Heritage Armor

Rise up and stand tall with two new Heritage Armor setsóone for gnomes and one for tauren. [LEARN MORE]

Pet Battle Dungeon: Stratholme

New Pet Battle Dungeon: Stratholme

Ready your best battle pets for a new challenge. Weíre introducing a new pet battle dungeon in Rise of Azshara. [LEARN MORE]

New Treasures Await

Many New Treasures Await in Azshara

A treasure trove of new mounts, pets, toys, and gear await in Rise of Azshara. [LEARN MORE]

New Mount Equipment System

Preview: New Mount Equipment System

To help you make your way around Azeroth just a little more convenient, weíre introducing a new mount equipment system, which lets you customize your ride in a variety of ways.[LEARN MORE]


Pathfinder Part 2

Take to the skies in Battle for Azeroth by undertaking Pathfinder Part 2 to earn your wings and a brand new mechanical parrot flying mount. [LEARN MORE]

Content Update Notes

Rise of Azshara Content Update Notes

Read the complete list of updates and changes in our update notes here. [LEARN MORE]

The War Campaign Continues: Stay of Execution

Upon learning of Sylvanasís plans to execute Baine Bloodhoof for treason, the Alliance and the Horde send strike teams to infiltrate the Koríkron Barracks and rescue the noble tauren chieftainómeeting up with an old orcish ally along the way.
The latest episode of the War Campaign is available to level 120 players who have completed the previous chapters and finished the quest ďClearing the Cache.Ē Speak to Lady Jaina Proudmoore or Loríthemar in Nazjatar to begin this perilous mission.  

New Island Expeditions

Set sail and discover two new Islands: Crestfall and Snowblossom Village. New loot including armor, weapons, and pets awaits players, but beware: youíre not alone. Faction rivals will want to hoard the spoils for themselves. Take them down! 

Mythic Keystone Season 3

The new Mythic Keystone Dungeon season opens July 9th with opportunities for new rewards and an all-new challenge with a new seasonal affix: Beguiling. Queen Azsharaís agents have infiltrated dungeons to strike down Azerothís champions when they least expect it. Three different emissaries will bolster enemy ranks, and theyíll prove to be deadly adversaries, so make them treat them as priority targets! Visiting emissaries can change every week and can even disrupt patrolling units, who will stop to pay them tribute. Learn more in the Rise of Azshara content update notes.

PvP Season 3

Season 3 brings a wave of new player-versus-player content on July 9th. Get ready to raze the enemy faction in the Ashran Epic Battleground, and take on all comers in the new Mechagon-themed Arena. Participants can earn two new Vicious Basilisk mounts, and the highest-rated players will unlock new Notorious Gladiator mounts. Learn more in the Rise of Azshara content update notes.

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