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#1 - 2019/06/09 06:55:25 AM

I really wish you’d let us hide our weapons or introduce an invisible weapon mog we can grind/farm. It would, in my case, be awesome as i’d look more like Spiderman than I already do.

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#3 - 2019/06/09 03:38:38 PM

The Handwraps from Master Tan are super neat when it comes to making your monk that bare knuckle fighter type :slight_smile:

Not sure how some of the other classes and weapon types might look though.
Rogues with invisible daggers might be the ultimate in stealth for sure, protection warriors with an invisible shield and weapon though might look odd :smiley:
Any of the casters classes would probably be the easiest to get to work as they don’t often hit people with their weapons, unless casting from a wand but that’s a whole other thing.

And then there’s hunters, at least BM and Marks hunters, pointing their fingers at the target, making pewpew or whoosh noises and shooting arrows and bullets at people :rofl:

Transmogrification is one of those features with room still to grow, more options, more choices etc could be possible in future which I personally am all for.
We’ll have to wait and see what the WoW Team come up with next for it.