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#1 - 2019/05/29 09:13:16 PM

Share where you stand during the stress test. Keep in mind that we are not here to flame. These tests will usually not be “smooth sailing” for those attempting to get in.
4:02 Was waiting in server screen. Popped up with the server being high pop, unable to access character screen.

4:11 Currently stuck at Logging in to Game Server on screen

4:19 Disconnected from Server, now showing character Queue

4:20 No realms available

4:26 Logging into game server and entering the game from character screen

4:28 Stuck in loading screen past character screen

4:35 Still in the same loading screen

4:38 opted to close program to check process on other end. Currently at Logging in to Game Server

4:45 Status unchanged with Logging in to Game Server

4:46 Massive lag causing my CPU to freeze followed up by disconnect in Logging

4:48 Server Offline

4:49 Server Online, but booted back to login

4:51 Resuming Logging in to Game Server

4:54 At character screen. No character showing, enter button says world available soon

4:55 Booted back to login. Also decided to check that streamer privilege as Asmongold watches a MadSeasonShow video :rofl:

4:58 Continuing from Logging in to Game Server

5:04 Still in the same Logging in to Game Server

5:07 Massive Lag freezing CPU for 2 minutes. Disconnected in game.

5:10 Some issues with trying to login. Restarted client and stuck in Logging in to Game Server screen again

5:17 #NoChanges still Logging in to Game Server

5:25 Still in the same Logging in to Game Server

4:35 CM responded and 25 minutes of still Logging in to Game Server

4:36 Logging into world and am in

4:38 Seeing others come in, message popped up saying blockages are mostly gone and will be restarting server

4:41 Game is running smoothly and awaiting the reset

4:43 Reset occurred, no servers currently available

4:46 Logging in to Game Server, World Server is Down upon trying to enter

4:48 Back in the Game

5:51 Game is running smoothly with occasional characters jumping from one place to another. Usually only 1-2 sec intervals when it occurs.

5:58 Still in the game. Awaiting further information if needed.

6:00 CM saying go to Northshire. Deleted character and am doing so.

6:03 Am currently in Northshire. No issues with logging out and in.

6:08 No special guests to appear, but they have something planned before shutting realms down tomorrow. Stress test essentially complete. Good Job Blizz!!!

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#184 - 2019/05/29 10:33:27 PM

We thank all of you for the massive interest in WoW Classic. I know it’s hard to believe but everybody who has been logging in and hitting the queue is helping us to find and fix a variety of issues. Please continue logging in if you can and thanks again for your help with this stress test.

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#198 - 2019/05/29 10:35:43 PM

Stay there and it should go through if it’s working.

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#292 - 2019/05/29 10:58:46 PM

I’m seeing a lot of people logging into Northshire so we are getting there folks. Keep rocking!