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#1 - 2019/05/29 07:53:26 AM

I’ve recently been seeing alot of chat ingame about the mage tower the artifact apperences and how awesome the whole challenge was, now blizz have stated that they do now want a similar thing every expansion which I totally understand but with Wow’s 15th anniversary coming up I got a thinking.

We lost king varian to the legion on the 30th of August 2016 (if you stayed up to play the intro scenario that is). Why don’t we celebrate him on the day of his death with a temporary reopening of the mage tower and other Legion limited scenarios.

That way the ones who missed out on the mage tower can try their hand at it and earn a missing apperence or two, we could even have Legion raid/dungeon events all in the name of our fallen King Varian.

Just a thought.

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#33 - 2019/05/29 12:57:09 PM

Can we get green fireworks?