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#1 - 2019/05/24 02:27:32 AM

this item recipe drops in Sunwell. i now got a mood to try to get some of the recipes i don’t have yet, then i got this recipe for boe. the only problem is my engineer is a mage. i dont understand why there are class requirements for item that can be sold to other classes on AH. (i know its useless since intellect + plate but still, warrior + DK can equip it)

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#2 - 2019/05/26 03:35:54 PM

Justicebringer 3000 Specs have a dynamic primary stat, they have both Strength and Intellect but only use one depending on class/spec.
Holy Paladins for example use Plate Intellect gear so it’s certainly not useless :slight_smile:
If a warrior or death knight were to look at that item, they’d see it as Plate with Strength on it.

The only requirement on those for a plate wearer is having the appropriate level of Engineering to use them.