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#1 - 2019/05/23 09:45:52 AM

This essence is a cool concept no doubt but some talents are wrongly chosen and make no sense at all. What I suppose was done is that Blizzard took the most picked PvP talent for each spec and added it to this Essence. Some of them basically won’t work and have no use in PvE at all. Here are my thoughts:

Demo - why? Why Nether Ward. Give them Interrupt - that’s the most reasonable thing to do. Demo is great spec but the only thing it lacks is Interrupt. Lack of interrupt is the only reason Demo is not a very good M+ spec.
Destro - why? Give them even Cremation or whatever else but Demonic Armor doesn’t do anything for them in PvE. I agree that Focused Chaos would be over the top. Maybe even root from Conflagrate. Just anything that may help in PvE.
Affliction - o.0? Do you want to lower dps or what? This basically doesn’t make sense. As long as in PvP you want to dot everything and kite it’s ok because you want to avoid enemies to deal damage to you and longer dots give you more chance to do it without refreshing dots.

Unholy - just give them AMZ but reducing magic damage by 20-30% in PvE. Extra utility for M+ or raid is always nice or just give them any single target damage talent.

Hunter - no comments on this… - even Mending Bandage to remove let’s say King’s Rest Berserker’s Bleeds would be useful. I’m pretty sure there are better talents to give for PvE content. Hunters are currently struggling with their dps so why not any damage talent.

Windwalker - give them Ride the Wind, Alpha Tiger or Tigereye Brew - Turbo Fists would be too strong but there are better talents really

Rogue - Smoke Bomb? What for? Just give them any damage talents? Thick as Thieves for Outlaw would be amazing to buff someone else and would add extra depth to this spec. Assa - Flying Daggers or System Shock. Assa lacks aoe damage and this talent would make him more viable for M+. Sub - Honor Among Thieves or even Cold Blood (extra damage in PvE instead of %) - they won’t break the game.

Arms - this is a joke in my opinion. Blizz please give arms any utility for M+. Duel would be amazing to help tank, War Banner for extra mobility let’s say for King’s Rest globules before second boss. There are plenty of things that can be picked. Arms and Fury are not taken for PvE because they don’t offer anything else besides damage. Give them utility and they will be played at least in the mid tier. High end probably not anyway but they will be able to farm weekly with no problem.

In my opinion Blizzard should aim to provide specs with more utility so they will be picked in M+ and with damage buffs is spec struggles in this part.

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#5 - 2019/05/23 01:55:32 PM

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback on the initial talents available with the Conflict and Strife Essence.

The current version on the PTR is a preliminary look at this Essence. At this time, not all choices have modified (or replaced) as needed for them to be acceptable in PvE. There will be changes coming to the Essence in future PTR builds.

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#29 - 2019/05/24 09:51:02 AM

The primary goal of the essence is to provide an interesting choice in PvP by giving access to an additional PvP talent. The essence is acquired through PvP, and is intended to be completely optional for PvE players.

In some cases this extra PvP talent may also have interesting uses in PvE, but it’s not expected to be a strong competitor in PvE content for every spec.

Again, the chosen abilities in PTR data are not final. In particular, the ones that would clearly be overpowered or problematic in PvE (such as Leader of the Pack) are generally cases where the final decision of which PvP Talent to give hasn’t yet been made.