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#1 - 2019/05/21 06:12:12 AM

As Wowhead posted about, on 8.2 PTR you can be dazed through shields (any shields, not just the azerite trait).

Since I doubt many people read the PTR section of the forums, I am posting it here to be seen and, if you share my opinion, voice your displeasure about this extremely poor (and totally stupid) change. It’s not known whether it’s a bug or intended but, considering the wide-spread hate for the daze mechanic among the playerbase, we should make sure our opinion is heard.


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#61 - 2019/05/22 09:47:51 AM

To reiterate the tweet Punyelf linked;

This change is unintended and we’re currently investigating the issue and plan to fix it in an upcoming PTR build.