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#1 - 2019/05/21 08:57:15 AM

There is a lot of this going around on forums, reddit and streams:
“It’s easier than I remember.”
“I think it’s easy because this group has good players.”
“It was harder back then because everyone sucked.”
and a more direct version of it:
“I think the damage values are off.”

Edit: The damage values players are taking from elites seems very off. I’ll use Deadmines as one of many possible examples.

EDITED: REMOVED RHAHK’ZOR because the doubt was resolved! Thanks for investigating Kaivax!

Let’s take a look at Skeletal Miners, Undead Excavators, & Defias Overseers.

According to Classicdb,
Skeletal Miner, Undead Excavator, and Defias Overseer melee for ~ 113-135 damage (before armor).

In this stream of a Beta tester doing Deadmines, these mobs were hitting for the same values as non-elite mobs.
(https:// com/watch?v=jsdydXEyDP0&t=12532s)

There have been an increasing number of posts by alarmed people who have noticed that they can pull a lot more mobs and survive far more than they remember.

An argument will surely be made that people’s memories have been corrupted by Private Servers and 15 years of time passing by. This isn’t an invalid statement, and is probably true, but everyone hasn’t suddenly forgotten and everybody isn’t clueless or stupid. There is certainly something off about these numbers not just in The Deadmines, but with all the elite mob damage output that I have noticed from watching streams.

There are other server-dedicated database browsers that support this same information (though with varying actual numbers) but are closer to the aforementioned details than what is currently live on the beta. I didn’t include these, however, because I felt they weren’t as credible as other sources, though, again, they do support the same argument.

I will find out more and give a more detailed table once (if) I can access the beta servers.

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#78 - 2019/05/21 09:21:41 PM

We tested this issue in our reference environment today.

First, we looked at a video from the WoW Classic Beta, where the player was tanking Rhahk’zor in Deadmines at level 20:

If you look at his portrait while he’s getting hit, you can see him receiving 65-83 damage from Rhahk’zor. The average hit is ~75.

We then recreated it in the WoW Classic Beta-- a level 20 human warrior with similar gear, with Defensive Stance, and with Mark of the Wild. Here’s what that looked like:

We then did the same thing in our 1.12 reference environment. There, the test looked like this:

Conclusion: the average damage taken is identical.