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#1 - 2019/05/19 09:19:05 PM

The largest thing that has felt “off” to be so far this beta, has been Mob’s NOT aggroing me from ranges where I’d have more than expected them to be pulling, and I’m curious to get other player feedback on this as well as I’ve had other players in game make similar comments.

Curious to get other testers’ feedback on this, because it “feels” like something is off… I distinctly remember getting mobs while mounted in STV still aggroing a 60 riding by and causing authentic explitive laden tirades via daze-dismounting… where on beta I feel like I’ve had multiple pats within 2 levels of my character walk within 10 yards facing me and then still not pull… Overall I feel like this issue might need some investigation.

So how has mob aggro radii felt to the rest of you?

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#2 - 2019/05/20 11:01:19 PM

We saw many similar reports in the first few days of the WoW Classic Beta Test.

As a result, we ran a multitude of comparisons with our 1.12 reference client. In doing so, we varied the player levels and enemy levels. In conclusion, we didn’t see any discrepancies with aggro radius.

I’m adding this to our not-a-bug list / forum post.

Thank you for the feedback!