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#1 - 2019/05/18 05:36:35 AM

do you transmog wrists? i dont think you can even see them unless you are not wearing gloves and a chest/shirt.

if nearly no one does, would it be an idea to request wrists, along with necks, rings, trinkets, and relics be removed from legacy loot tables?

they can be moved to a new loot vendor for anyone wanting “twink” items for that particular tier. although… if someone is twinking and has xp turned off, the raid wont be legacy for them!.

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#2 - 2019/05/18 03:22:27 PM

I do!

I also spent an outrageous amount of gold to get the Tier 3 leggings at the Black Market Auction House, despite the fact that they can’t be seen under the robe my character is wearing… :smile: