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#1 - 2019/05/02 10:03:00 PM

Who’s bright idea was it to put a 1 week mainly pve holiday with pvp achievements that 2 at least are bugged and a 3rd basically not possible to achieve?

I am on a high pop server, even during childrens week when loads of players will be after these achievements, the que time, in prime time for Alterac valley is round 45mins-1hr plus, it still has not popped after trying all evening. BG’s are around 25 mins que time…

Who knows maybe that one is bugged too and wasted even more time on this…

Please just remove the achievement. Not even worth fixing it at this point.

If I knew about these issues before hand I would never have bothered going for other world events throughout the year not knowing this would block me progressing…

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#9 - 2019/05/03 08:48:40 AM

Sorry for the frustration here. The issues in Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch with this achievement were hotfixed during the night, so you should be able to get the achievement now in those battlegrounds by meeting the criteria.