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#1 - 2019/04/24 09:00:21 AM

We’ve published a new build for the upcoming content update – Rise of Azshara – to our Public Test Realms. Here is an outline of what is now testable, and what is coming in this PTR.

Now Available for Testing

  • (New April 23) Gnome and Tauren Heritage Armor quest lines
  • New Zone: Mechagon
    • (New April 23) Battle Pets and Pet Battle World Quests
  • Heart of Azeroth system update: Introducing Essences
  • New Arena: The Robodrome
  • Mount Equipment
  • Ashran Epic Battleground
  • Crestfall and Snowblossom Island Expeditions

The content above continues to be developed and iterated on like the Vision of Perfection . We appreciate your feedback on all of it. Please note that Ashran may not easily complete a queue in the PTR.

Coming Soon

  • New Zone: Nazjatar
    • Explore the new zone including quest lines, World PvP Events, and World Quests.
  • New Raid-- Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • As always, we’ll coordinate the testing of this new raid’s encounters via scheduled announcements.
  • New Dungeon— Operation: Mechagon
  • Heroic Battle for Stromgarde
  • New Missions
  • New Profession Recipes
  • Pet Battle Dungeon: Stratholme
  • Updates to Brewfest

We plan to do a wipe of all characters in a few weeks after getting focused feedback on the Heart of Azeroth Essences. This will allow us to test the feel and pacing of obtaining them all naturally. We’ll give you a heads up on that character wipe here in this forum.

Get into the PTR!

The PTR is now available. To log in to the PTR, simply create a PTR account and copy the character you wish to test from your account. Step-by-step directions can be found here .

Note: World of Warcraft PTR realms are only available to players who have a full World of Warcraft account.