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#1 - 2019/04/16 10:00:44 PM

I get its a fancy new system. But at level 55, holy crap in live I’m barely over 40 (41 actually), and I don’t really enjoy grinding Azerite for the multitude of reasons that have been mentioned over the course of the expansion.

My concern is that the price of entry to use the system is too high. With Azerite levels becoming irrelevant for Azerite gear, that means you have 50 levels of Azerite to grind which does, literally (?) nothing for you until you hit that arbitrary level.

I think its a point of contention that will make a lot of returning, curious players angry and put them off before they even reach the level necessary to begin playing with this new system that clearly has had a lot of time and love put into it.

My suggestion is to lower the barrier for entry for the first two levels of this system dramatically or give an unholy butt load of Azerite to the player for beginning the quest chain.

Edit: Or hell, make the center major slot just obscenely easy to unlock so the player can immediately enjoy the benefit of having the necklace, much like you could do with the Legion artifact’s main ability at launch.

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#21 - 2019/04/16 11:39:06 PM

There is no Heart of Azeroth level requirement to access the first Major Essence slot. You’ll acquire it through a questline that introduces you to the new content in this update.

Furthermore, when your unlock the Heart of Azeroth Forge, any character with a Heart of Azeroth level below 35 will have it raised to 35.

The first Minor slot requires Heart of Azeroth level 55.