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#1 - 2019/04/04 10:53:24 PM

In case you havenít seen them yet, there are a few new updates to the Darkmoon Faire which will return this weekend:


So after reading that, will you ride the roller coaster? Or is there something else that youíll be focusing on first?

  • YES! Every hour, on the hour, no hands! WHEE!
  • For sure, just not as often as the person above me, WHEE!
  • Not yet, and this may sound strange, but I REALLY need a severed fish head first
  • Not until Iíve added more pets to my collection
  • No, roller coasters give me motion sickness and Iíll stick to the carousel
  • Other (info below)

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#20 - 2019/04/05 01:09:27 AM

It doesnít stack, itís just the same buff so you can get it either way.