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#1 - 2019/03/17 05:10:02 AM

Show your support for WoW esports with two new toys, now available in the Blizzard shop and in-game shop.

For a limited time, every purchase of the Transmorpher Beacon or Lionís Pride and Hordeís Might Fireworks, 25% of the proceeds will contribute toward the yearís finals LAN event prize pool for the Arena World Championship (AWC) and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $500,000 USD ($250,000 USD for each event.) Your support will help take the WoW esports prize pool to the next level.

Play like a boss with the Transmorpher Beacon

The ethereals have a twisted new trick up their sleeves, and theyíre ready to traverse the nether to help you spread some chaos and confusion on the battlefield. Use this beacon to summon an Ethereal Transmorpher who can turn you and your allies into some of the most fearsome foes Azeroth has ever known.

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Lion's Pride and Horde's Might Fireworks

Whatís more satisfying than vanquishing a worthy foe in honorable hand-to-hand combat? Planting an explosive in their freshly felled corpse, thatís what! Light up the sky above a recently defeated enemy player with these reusable fireworks and send an unmistakable signal to the other faction.

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Your chance to support WoW esports and donate to the prize pool ends on October 15, 2019.

Learn more about WoW Esports for 2019 in our post and follow all of the AWC and MDI action on the esports site.