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#1 - 2019/03/06 08:17:25 PM

This question is for all my fellow pet battlers out there! What is your most favorite Battle pet and why?

Mine is my Landro’s Lichling, Kelly! (Yes, she is named after her Uncle Kel’thuzad)

Kelly is my favorite pet for many reasons.

  1. She was given to me as a Birthday gift from an old best friend back in WoD. Said friend passed away recently so I am glad I have this pet to remind me of them.
  2. She is a decent pet in pet battles and she is also pretty rare.
  3. She loves freezing critters to death and then laughing at them after they die!

My second favorite pet has got to be my little angel Six Legs Larry though! I got him a long time ago from the great Jeremiah Payson himself! and have loved him ever since I got him.

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#24 - 2019/03/07 01:51:09 AM

Stop taunting me into these threads!*

For me, it’s Kun-Lai Runt. There are so many reasons, but I think the combination of so very cute and, honestly awesome moveset is just too much for me to not love. And yes, I said it. It’s love.

*please don’t stop