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#1 - 2019/02/23 11:27:18 AM

The Beast Mastery specialization for Hunters needs a damage buff. According to Warcraft Logs, BM Hunters’ damage is at the bottom or very near the bottom for all fights within the Battle for Dazar’alor.

Their pets are also bugged on many fights, especially in dungeons:

  1. Siege of Boralus
    A. On Viq’Goth, which is the last boss in the Siege of Boralus dungeon, BM Hunter’s pets will consistently be unable to enter the last platform.

  2. Battle for Dazar’alor
    A. On Lady Jaina Proudmoore, BM Hunter’s pets can get stuck on the boat while entering phase two.

Thank you.

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#11 - 2019/03/07 01:40:43 AM

There’s a significant set of changes to Beast Mastery coming in the content update next week. These were shipped off toward the PTR yesterday, but haven’t appeared there yet:

  • Barbed Shot damage increased by 125%.
  • Barbed Shot’s bleed damage now ignores the target’s armor.
  • Cobra Shot damage increased by 25%.

For the Heart of Azeroth:

  • Feeding Frenzy’s tooltip damage displayed has been lowered commensurate with Barbed Shot now ignoring armor. Its total effective damage remains unchanged.

As always, you’ll see these (and everything else) in the final update notes, which we’ll publish just before the update goes live.