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#1 - 2019/02/22 04:50:45 AM

Last month was Timewalking for Pandaria. I tanked it on my druid, pulling as I usually pull in a timewalking dungeon. Chain-pulling multiple packs. No stopping. No problems. Everything was smooth.

This week is Burning Crusade. Tanks are getting trucked pulling one pack at a time. Bosses are taking longer to kill. Where did this difficulty come from? It hasn’t existed since TW was originally released. Everything used to be faceroll.

My issue isn’t that the dungeons are more difficult. I actually like that part. It’s that the rewards do not match up with the level of difficulty. It’s like doing a M+ and receiving heroic dungeon gear.

Now I know you will all say “just don’t do timewalking.” Don’t worry! I plan on doing exactly that. I just think Blizzard should know their content is out of whack in hopes that they fix it by either adjusting the difficulty or adjusting the rewards.

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#46 - 2019/02/22 10:12:10 PM

Is every pack being a problem in every dungeon? Or is it certain dungeons that are causing issues? Are you using CC on the trash packs at all? Are you reading up on mechanics for bosses at all or just figuring it out?

Things like this will help us narrow down the causes and potential issues. I understand we play the game differently but charging into packs of mobs can go wrong at times… I know from experience. :smile: