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#1 - 2019/02/16 07:15:34 PM


What are the best options for contacting a player from another realm — same faction but just a different realm?

For example, I just finished the Isle of Conquest battleground and another mage (with an iLvl 20 points below mine) blew everyone else away with the amount of damage done. So, in addition to extending kudos, I’m really curious to ask a couple of questions regarding technique, etc.

I tried communicating through chat by entering:

/w name-realm

I also tried adding them as a friend but it said there’s no one by that name.

I assume I could send a message through a mailbox but that seems cumbersome.

Is there a way to contact someone through the armory?


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#6 - 2019/02/21 01:01:06 AM

Here’s one thing I like to do–

As soon as I realize “This is a person I’d like to group up with again”, I ask them if they’re in any Communities they really like, and would be open to having me join. I’ve ended up in a few interesting Communities as a result.

And Communities show up in the Social tab of your Blizzard Battlenet App (the launcher). Really convenient.