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#1 - 2019/02/20 02:50:49 PM

So, it has been multiple weeks since the racials came out and everyone assured me that the troll racials were so OP they would “obviously” be nerfed.

I am still waiting…

Not only is regeneratin’ extremely OP…but the LoA blessing is also very OP.

Take Embrace of Bwonsamdi (Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal [Attack power * 0.25 * 1 * (1 + Versatility)] Shadow damage and heal you for 100% of the damage done.)

Compare this to the Night Elf racial of 1% to crit…yeah.

Blizz. You don’t have much time left. Show us that you are not completely inept and nerf Zandalari racials already.

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#136 - 2019/02/21 12:32:01 AM

I’ve been following this subject quite closely throughout this PTR.

While I don’t think you’re going to see changes in the very next PTR build (coming … you know – “Soon”), I do think you’re going to see some further tuning in a PTR build after that.

I would usually move a thread like this one over to the PTR forum, but I think I’ll leave it here with this: As soon as I know exactly what’s been changed for testing, I’ll post about it in the PTR forum.