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#1 - 2019/02/16 05:01:53 PM

In my opinion, the CM gear looks very good and the art team really made an amazing job with it. I think it would be a good thing if blizzard made the Challenge mode gear available for all classes if you unlocked it on 1 class.
There are people like me that rerolled to another class (Druid in my case) and they can hardly make any use of their challenge mode gear anymore.

What do you think about it? Obviously keep it unobtainable but make it available to all classes for those who earned it? So since I have it on my DK I’d also get it on my druid?

Community Manager
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#30 - 2019/02/19 02:30:48 PM

This is legit the first thing I thought of when seeing the topic title :wink:

On the topic itself though, this is certainly a request we see come up every so often. I can understand the allure of it, I only earned the Priest and Mage sets and would love the Paladin one but I wasn’t actively playing a Paladin back then so I wouldn’t have really “earned” it if it was unlocked now.

As such, at present we still don’t have any plans to retroactively grant access to all the Challenge Mode armor sets if you earned one or more of them back during Mists.