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#1 - 2019/02/04 04:54:53 PM

Embarrassingly enough, this is my first time properly doing the Darkmoon Fair.

How do you guys like to spend your Darkmoon Prize Tickets? I’m seeing lots of prize items and not really sure what I want to spend on.

I want to buy everything lol but I only have 70 tickets saved up so far (mostly from returning sourvenirs collected in dungeons).

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#25 - 2019/02/05 08:50:50 PM

A lot of the items are related to the various collections. Is there something you like to collect? Mounts, toys, pets?

I have been slowly working on the items over the years but I do really enjoy the Darkmoon Dirigible mount! I know 1000 is a lot of tickets, but doing the pet battle quests helps a lot. :slight_smile: