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#1 - 2019/01/08 07:45:29 PM

We’re underway with the deployment of our first build of WoW 8.1.5 to our Public Test Realms. We expect it to be playable soon, and we want to start discussions about the features of the update that we’ll be testing:

• The Kul Tiran Allied Race unlock
• The Zandalari Allied Race unlock
• Naga invasion World Quests
• New portal rooms in faction capitals
• The next chapter of pet battle Raiding with Leashes
• Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin visual improvements

Our testing in this first build will be primarily technical, so some 8.1.5 features will be locked/unavailable for the first few days while we work on initial concerns:

• New War Campaign quests
• New quests and questlines focused on Magni, Hati, and the eight non-gathering primary Professions
• Warlords of Draenor Timewalking dungeons
• New Brawl in Arathi Basin vs. AI
• Wintergrasp coming to the Epic Battleground list
• New Brawler’s Guild update
• New Darkmoon Faire roller coaster
• New Micro-holidays and updates to Children’s Week

Additionally, you may see some features referenced in this PTR (such as Ashran as an Epic Battleground) that are not part of 8.1.5, but may be introduced in a later update. We’ll keep an eye out for such things and make sure to let you know what we aren’t testing in this PTR.

As always, thank you for your testing and feedback.