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#1 - 2019/01/02 08:28:59 AM

So… infested is going away and in its place, we’re getting Reaping.

Has there been any testing going on yet? Its not on the PTR and as far as I know (unless they are on NDA or embargo) the top M+ streamers are not mentioning it or acknowledging its being tested behind the scenes.

With how broken M+ affixes has been on the live servers, can we actually get more info on this affix aside from “When the bar hits 25%, mobs will run to you!!”

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#10 - 2019/01/08 07:16:01 PM

Currently the plan is to have the PTR up soon with Season 2 active within it. This build will also contain the new Seasonal Affix Reaping and you guys will be able to check that out finally :slight_smile:

The goal is to have that PTR build up sometime this week assuming everything goes according to plan.