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#1 - 2019/01/03 01:52:19 AM

in the past ive had GMs literally not read the ticket…pretty much every ticket is some moron GM who doesnt even answer what im asking.

for example, one time, Saying my pvp cache didnt reward the right item to only recieve a response saying “make sure you do a mythic +10 for the highest ilvl reward” …PvP… Mythic plus? Where did i ever say it was from a mythic plus, i specifically said PVP WEEKLY CHEST.

Then today i get this response today. https (space to link on forums) ://

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#19 - 2019/01/03 06:07:27 PM

This thread didn’t go the way you thought it was going to did it OP?

You could’ve still laughed about it and poked at the GM a little in a respectful way. It happens.