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#1 - 2018/12/17 01:26:28 PM

My Dearest Blizzard,

Not that you will read this - or even care but the problem with Smoochums is annoying me more than it should (yes, I have a touch of the OCD lol). I find a little pet I like, think ooo want! and then find out how to get it. I spend the time and effort grinding out the currency and am rewarded. I name him and level him to 25 and put him as one of my favorites. Then one of my friends sees it (one of the few that still plays) so I grind out the currency again so she can have one since she doesn’t play that much.

Then the patch hits. And my beloved Smoochums is gone. His cute little smooshed faced model is gone and replaced with a generic ghost cat model. There is also no rhyme or reason that I can figure why (and nothing in the notes of course). My friend noticed too. Neither of us could figure it out - it doesn’t appear to be a unique model for something else. It wasn’t sparkly or have an animation that could be buggy (that we could tell and would understand).

One of the few things I still enjoy doing in this xpac is little pet battles and collecting them. You have now seriously unhinged that with the change to Smoochums and the undocumented nerf to how pet XP. Okay I can live with the nerf but why should I hunt down or collect any new pets that I really like if they could be made generic at any moment? It’s just not good. Now I find myself doing fewer pet dailies… and it’s one less reason to log in.

Anyway, just my thoughts. #justiceforsmoochums


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#20 - 2018/12/19 07:46:35 PM

We’ve just pushed a hotfix to give Smoochums the correct model once again.