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#1 - 2018/12/17 03:09:26 PM

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This guy provides video evidence of him,and his friends World PvPing. What he is showing is why he was suspended for 72 hours.

Is Blizzard seriously punishing people for World PVP now?

How can this possibly be acceptable?

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#148 - 2018/12/17 06:48:40 PM

It looks like the lovely CS team already responded to this player here and the Reddit mods pinned a post linking to the response at the top.

TL;DR: OP wasn’t banned for World PVP, he was banned for harassing other players and bypassing the ignore system by sending them messages despite being told to stop.

Since this is a post discussing a player action I’m gonna lock it for now as there isn’t anything else to discuss about it. Thanks for the community discussion though that flagged this to our attention so we could respond :slight_smile: