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#1 - 2018/11/06 08:35:00 AM
Here is why its happening

Which a lot of us already assumed but its nice to have some figures to back up our thoughts.

Ive said it before we are in a day and age now where its becoming harder and harder for any company to create anything of substance on any level. Look at youtube content creators they have to rely more and more on negativity, drama and click bait. TV shows have to become more and more gruesome or end of the world plots, they have to produce more reality tv shows in which they deliberately stir the pot to create drama and negativity because that's what sells that's what keeps people watching. News channels, papers and sites are spreading fake news more and more, gone are the days when a journalist atleast tried to have some sort of decency and honour about what they were writing and investigating, checking sources etc now its I hear a rumour don't bother checking it print it post it right away the views are worth it even if it is fake.

There are of course exceptions to the rules above but can we really blame Blizzard for being "forced" to act and survive in a world where negativity, drama, fake news, instant gratification and the easy path regardless of consequences are taken/prevail? Its a sad state of affairs but gone are the days of substance. Check classic, rather than being purist about it and saying here's classic enjoy your server que times, enjoy your crap spawn rates, enjoy your crap drop rates etc etc they know that in todays market and the type of people most have become or are becoming would cause folk to switch off and say sod this nonsense Im going back to my easy mode QoL style games so instead Bliz are being forced to try and release a version of classic that the people of today can stomach.

I just wish there would be a balance or even a situation where they take the profit they are forced to chase but plough it back into the games we love , use it to make the Diablo 4 or a new mmo or hiring more staff to tackle old bugs etc etc.

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#29 - 2018/11/06 03:41:00 PM
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