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#1 - 2018/07/17 02:54:00 AM
Since the start of WoW from classic, the idea of playing a dark mage wielding magic to raise the dead and use their necromantic magic against their enemies was supposed to be an implemented class. However Blizzard soon rejected the idea but later bought up the concept in WOTLK via the unholy dk. However I feel that a warrior cladded in plated doing melee damage instead of range doesn't do the class justice and I wish to place down some ideas for the class to be potentially implemented.


Soul: Healing Spec - The spec focuses on the classic healing like most classes, including AoE, self-heals etc but also includes a small bit of DPS, similar to the disipline priest.

Plague: DoT DPS Spec - A DoT DPS spec that uses curses, plague spells as well as frost and necrotic spells that deal base damage.

Reanimation: Minion based DPS Spec - A more focused minion spec like demonology but with the undead, it focuses on the aspect of controling multiple undead minions against your enemies.

Armor: Cloth

Type: Normal/Hero?

Starting Zone: Scholomance/Caer Darrow

I ran out of ideas...

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#51 - 2018/11/01 07:28:00 AM
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